Create an allowlist in seconds that works across web3
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An open source project from, Zora, and Context
What is Lanyard?
  1. A Merkle root generator: just paste the addresses you want to allow, and we generate and return your root instantly
  2. A step-by-step guide on how to properly implement the Merkle root in your project – with free support via Discord if you need it
  3. A mechanism to ensure your allowlist works across web3
What is a Merkle root?
A Merkle root is the most popular way to handle allowlists for projects using the blockchain. By using a Merkle root, you and your community pay significantly less in gas fees to prove a wallet is allowed to mint a specific project. This is done by proving an address belongs to a tree of hashed values leading to the root.
What do you mean when you say my allowlist will work across web3?
Lanyard securely stores your allowlist, Merkle root, and proofs so that your community can mint your project from their preferred interface – your website,, and any other platform that integrates Lanyard.
I build creator tools – how do I integrate Lanyard?
See our API documentation here so your creators’ allowlists work with Lanyard. To make integrating Lanyard easier, we also have a npm package (works on both Node.js and the browser) and a Go client.
Who’s behind Lanyard?
Lanyard is an open source collaboration between, Zora, and others. DM us on Twitter if you want to contribute or want your integration listed on this page.